I 'Foodled' My Way Into a Business.

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Alright – so you bought your domain, launched a website, online store, virtual lemonade stand, whatever.


You’re kind of a big deal. 

Somehow, you’ve managed to build a small but dedicated following. You’ve created marginally interesting products, original designs, and loosely, what could be defined as a ‘brand’. But now you find yourself with a bunch of confused, but keen consumers that are faithfully following you, and bless their little hearts, they have no idea what your signature term “foodle” means. But they smile and nod, like the good kids that they are.

Ok, let me break this down for you so we can all make the most of our time on this website together.





To doodle food, to draw food, or to have an enthusiasm for depicting food in art.

“Frequent foodling can lead to a fuller life.”

  1. To obsess over food, depicting the subject of your obsession in a doodle;
  2. Food + Doodle = Foodle;
  3. To doodle in 60 minutes or less, what you had for breakfast lunch or dinner;
  4. To manifest your ‘hangries’ into a food related doodle in an effort to numb the pain.


“I foodle when I’m hungry.”
“I foodle cheeseburgers.”
“Wanna foodle this weekend? I bought new colouring pencils and I want to eat my weight in pizza.”

foodling, foodled


Welcome to the wonderful world of More than Moons. We foodle daily for your delight and amusement. In this blog I will chronicle the adventures of foodlers like me. I will celebrate local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, you name it. Anything and everything that can be found in the one and only Canadian Capital of Ottawa #613.

 If you’re lucky, you’ll also see the occasional guest post from food, life and style, and art bloggers from all over North America and the UK, as well as other respected community celebrities. Guest contributors welcome, just message me at morethanmoons@gmail.com.

Foodies, please enter.

Let’s do this!

- Kat

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