Kale. Cronuts. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Let’s face it: Fads are not just for the runway.

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We’ve witnessed society’s tumultuous relationship with food.

It seems just as a war on sugars, salts, or gluten has been declared, the tide turns, and these very same substances are the golden children of the culinary and nutritional world.

To help navigate these uncertain waters, More than Moons has compiled a list of the culinary cool kids for 2016.

(Cheat sheet: organic, seasonal goods = yasss; processed items = no bueno.)

Local Love

Foodies everywhere continue to appreciate and celebrate locally sourced products. And who wouldn’t? Not only do local foods pack a bolder taste and higher nutritional content, shopping within your area code (#613 forever), promotes your neighborhood’s economy and environmental responsibility. 

Whole Foods

Restaurants continue to shun preservatives, instead opting for largely unprocessed items, letting the ingredients speak for themselves. But is the premium charged on these superior products sustainable?

All the Pickles

These aren’t your grandma’s pickles...

Beyond the ubiquitous cucumbers, there’s a world of variety in what cooks and chefs are pickling. Think garlic, eggs, or even potatoes – pickled French fries, anyone?

Less Popular Cuts of Meat

Chicken breast, flank steak, salmon… all great pieces of meat. Still, as food sustainability issues become more and more pertinent, producers are turning to less common cuts of meat and fish.

Predictions are that we’ll be seeing more of cuts like top sirloin, or in the fish world, species like drum or sea robin will be gracing restaurant menus in the not so distant future. Sea Robin Nigiri doesn't quite roll off the tongue...

New Grains on the Block

Rice, barley, and quinoa, a favourite by health conscientious foodies in recent years, are being pushed aside for more exotic grains, like teff and amaranth.

Cactus is the New Coconut

A bold statement for sure. But for all the benefits coconut water touts, I’m always left underwhelmed wondering, where's the taste at?!

Enter cactus water.

Even better for you than coconut water (you better believe it), cactus water is said to possess a fruitier flavour, making it less of an acquired taste, and just as robust in nutritional value. 

Swanky Fast Food

Because sometimes you require little else than some deep-fried goodness, food creators have come waaaay down to Earth in the last decade when it comes to casual dining. Fast food is popular for a reason – the simple flavour palettes work. Still, elevating these dishes often makes them healthier, and eating a grown-up version of a Big Mac makes you feel like a boss.

Enough said.

What are your favourite foodie fads this year? And which ones are you ready to be over with?

- Kelsey

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